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Overview of the week:

Overall last week was kind to us in terms of trading. We have managed to share with you some of our best trading plans and Live Signals, which contributed to the overall profits. We also shared with you an article and a tip that could have yielded you excellent results if you took advantage of it – we sure did! We were actively operating in making it possible for the website to be deployed and everything fixed and also worked hard in getting closer to the launch of “The Challenge.” In the meantime we kept our activity in our Telegram channel, where we share Live Signals with you for FREE – a few trades were posted throughout the week, most of them profitable, although with a few we just had bad luck, we will talk more about that below. Also, we have a few things in mind, which you can expect from us in the following weeks – check the bottom of this Weekly Newsletter. Lets’ get started with each of our team members and their accomplishments, and after that, we will move on to our general ideas!

The process of “money-making” can be mastered:

We keep showing you that we are good at what we do, but of course, we don’t forget that we can be even better, so we continue to master our skills in trading by regularly reading, learning and most importantly for the market – adapting. By sharing with you a lot of useful information and helpful tips we are not only trying to help you to improve your trading skills, but we also improve ours. Another week has passed, and our skills were once again put to the test, so lets’ see what happened.

Valentins’ week was fueled by success on the Commodity and Index markets. He once again turned his sight to the food chain looking for “long” opportunities on Corn. And we can safely say – Well played Valentin, well played!

Check out the trading plan he shared with you here.

As you can see the price is standing almost at the Main Target area, which Valio set for his Long positions.

He also managed to share with you 2 Live Signals. One of which was on the plan mentioned above and was shared both in our Telegram Channel and Twitter, while the other was just shared on Telegram and was based on the metal Copper. Lets’ see what happened:

Trade #1:

Corn D1 entry:

And here is the development:

The trade is still open adding more profits to the total number. Keep track for an update on when to close some of the profits or the whole trade. The update will be posted both in Telegram and Twitter.

Trade #2:

Copper H1 entry (Day Trade):

And here is the development of the trade:

Valio updated you with a Lock Profit signal where he closed some percentage of the trade, and the rest was left to reach the Target Zone, which it did as you can see. A compelling and well rewarding trade. I hope you managed to catch it.

Excellent execution, perfect management, and well-deserved profits!

Valentin did not disappoint you, and he also managed to share an article with you, which you can check here.

It is an interesting article about The LIBOR Number and its eventual disappearing. For more details on how this will affect the markets and if it will – check the full article.

Vsevolod is being torn apart between our content and social media presence and the Jarvis project which is getting close to the ICO launch phase. Nevertheless, he is finding the time to check out the content and share it with you. He was also working actively on creating a business report for the company as well as research on other social platforms we can be present. From time to time he also likes to do some trading. He did have a nice EUR/JPY position, which unfortunately got Stopped out and after that went his way, but as we all know – those are the markets! But I can safely say that he is getting better and better at this, although he does not do it full time – of course, we are helping him as much as we can. This is the best example of our goal – you can also become profitable without being a full-time trader with us.

Ups and downs fueled the week for me. I managed to share with you a trading plan based on the CAD/JPY currency pair, which you can check here.

So far all is going well. We had the uptrend move as I predicted, which touched our Target Zone. Now I will be looking for possible Sell opportunities so join us on Telegram and follow us on Twitter, so you get notified when a signal is published.

Apart from that, I managed to share with you 4 Live Signals, 3 of which were posted just on Telegram, while the fourth was posted on Telegram and Twitter. Lets’ make a quick review of the trades:

Trade #1:

GBP/USD M5 – Day Trade:

Unfortunately, this trade hit our SL and left us with a minus start of the week with a loss of 14 pips.

Trade #2:

DAX30 – M30 entry (Swing Trade):


I quickly stepped back on my feet and gave you this excellent opportunity on the DAX30 index, which produced 93 pips of profit in a matter of 2 days.

Trade #3:

EUR/JPY – M30 entry (Swing trade):

Here is the unfortunate trade. I jumped in on that trade based on a trading plan I shared a week ago with you. At first, it started awesomely. Almost touched our Take Profit… just a matter of a few pips. After which the price retraced back up touching our SL and again returned to our Take Profit. In this case, if you managed to lock in the profits when the price was standing almost at our TP level – great for you! I will consider this trade as a loss, although it was a winner.

Here is the development:

Calculated the loss of this trade is 36 pips. Talk about bad luck…

Trade #4:

EUR/CAD – M5 entry (Day Trade):

At the end of the week, I decided to share a short-term opportunity with you on the EUR/CAD currency pair. Although again the price went in our way for a short period, it quickly retraced back up touching our SL and leaving us with a loss of 18 pips.

But overall the week was finished in the green zone with 25 pips of profit. It is not a lot, but every profit counts. I will do my best to bring more profits throughout the new week so stay tuned!
On Friday I have also shared a tip with you regarding the upcoming USD Gross Domestic Product report where the expected number was 4.1%, and I was expecting a number around 3.8%. Although the number came out higher than my expectations, it did come out lower than the forecasted one, so this had a nice effect on the USD and the overall market, which you could have taken advantage of.
That is what we shared with you regarding content throughout the week! We hope it was helpful for you and you managed to take advantage of all that valuable information. We will continue working on getting better and providing you with more and more useful and most importantly content that will yield you profits!

Masterminds and their future:

We are constantly discussing and looking for ways to help out all the traders out there that are struggling and all the people that are interested in trading, but can’t find appropriate and most importantly useful knowledge about the markets. That is why we are planning on adding some more useful content which we will share with you.


We will start creating Vlogs every once in a while in which we will share some exciting things about the markets, test some trading techniques and most importantly – give you a chance to know us better! As usual, Vlogs will be available on our official Youtube channel, so don’t forget to follow us there.

2. Trade Dissection Videos:

Again on our Youtube channel, we will post videos containing a full analysis of one of our trades. This will include both losing and winning trades. In the video, we will explain why we chose to enter where we have, how the market developed after that and how we managed our trade and what was the outcome. We will discuss possible mistakes or what was right about that trade. Basically, we will make a full dissection on a trade. This will show you the whole process behind taking and managing a trade.

This and much more is yet to come! Follow us throughout our social media profiles to get full advantage of what we have to offer!

Our Team wishes you a positive and profitable week!

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