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Teamwork will lead us the way:

Another week has passed in our office at Denkoglu str., in the center of Sofia-city and it is safe to say that the summer finally arrived in Bulgaria. Rainy days are over, and the sun is heating up everything around us. At the same time, otherwise cool office heats up from the markets. As you may know, summer is not the best time for trading as the markets tend to move more unpredictably and the movements to be a lot shorter, but we still find our ways in squeezing out some profits. Amongst a lot of other things we do, which you can not see, we are taking our time in picking our plans and positions, which we share with you. In this Newsletter I would like to outline all the visible and unseen things for you that we did throughout the last week, so lets’ get started with it. Of course, if you want to check a short version of this whole newsletter you can see the Youtube video we prepare for you.

Summer mood is on, but the markets never stop:

Over the course of last week, we shared with you a total of:

  • 2 Weekly Trading Plans

  • 1 VLOG

  • 2 Recap Videos

  • 2 Live Signals

Lets’ break everything down and see how it worked out.

Starting with Valentin, who shared with you his views on the S&P 500 index. You can check the trading plan and its’ development here.

He was not able to update you with a Live Signal on this plan, but as you can see the plan itself fulfilled just perfectly. So if you were able to enter around his Buy Zone, you would have made some nice profits. Check out the development below from his Buy Zone:

A nice touch of the Buy Zone and then a huge move reaching all the way up to his main target. Congratulations on those of you who caught that.

Valio also updated you with a closing signal on his Corn trade, which gave excellent results. Below you can check the entry and the zones where he took in the profits:

This is where he took in some of the profits after a nice wave up in his direction. You can notice where his Entry and SL are set. After that, his SL was moved to Breakeven.

And this is the current up to date development, where Valio is looking to close his floating position when the price reaches his Long Term Target.

A beautiful trade, which we hope you caught.

He took a day off visiting the seaside from where he shared with you his Weekly Recap, which you can check out through this video.

Although he did not share an article with you last week, he did share a VLOG in which he speaks on the topic of “Trade Evaluation,” which can help you understand some basic things about the market and help you become better at what you do. You can check it out here.

Moving on to our social manager Vsevolod, who has been overwhelmed by creating reports. For us to become better at what we do and for the company to grow and reach as many people as it can (hopefully helping them become better at trading), we need to expand throughout the social media continually and to communicate with our audience on constant basis. In order for this to be done, Vsevolod has to do researches and improvements to our social media profiles continuously. Apart from that he also has to check our content and share it with all of you, so up until now, he is doing a great job at this.

Moving on to me – I’ve experienced a week of ups and downs. I am in charge of fixing and creating our website pages, as well as “The Challenge” page, so this consumes a lot of time for me as I am not a developer, nor a designer. Communicating between the offices is also a thing that takes some of my time, but I feel grateful for all the people we work with and for their skills and efforts. In the meantime, I managed to share one trading plan with you and 2 Live Signals. Lets’ quickly review them:
You can see my EUR/GBP trading plan here.

The first part of the plan fulfilled great, and the pair reached to our Intraday Level 1, which was also our first target. I managed to share a Live Signal based on this plan:

As you can see I have defined two Take Profit levels, based on your trading strategy and techniques. The first one was easily reached where I decided to move my Stop Loss at Breakeven and try to go for the Risky Take Profit level.

This is where I got unlucky. The price dropped heavily and missed the TP level by 3-4 pips. After this, it reversed and reached back to my SL at Breakeven. I did not lose from this trade, but I did not win either. Again this was my choice, and our followers on Telegram were updated to take profits if they like. So, after all, this could have been a very nice and profitable trade for you!

The second live signal I posted was based on the GBP/USD currency pair. It was a Day Trade take on the M5 timeframe, which started great, retraced almost to our entry spot and dropped down to reach our target and give us 33 pips of profit.

Here is the entry and below you can find the overall performance and the hit of the TP.

So overall it was a good week for me on the markets. If you want you can check out my recap video where I’ve made some predictions for the future price movements.

Outside of the markets:

Outside of the markets, there are a few updates I would like to share with you:

  1. The developer that is in charge of deploying our official website and the official page for “The Challenge” has been sick for a week, so the deployment and bug fixing was postponed, which postponed the overall launch of both the website and “The Challenge.” I will keep you updated, but we will try to finish this as soon as possible.
  2. I’ve been working extensively on the payment pages and other related pages for our website, but I have stumbled on some issues, which I am currently trying to overcome. Again this is an essential part of the overall website, so as soon as this is ready, we will officially launch.
  3. I’ve been dealing with some broker lately, which I believe has a lot of customers due to a special future it offers. But I would like to share with you my experience with that broker and show you how it actually takes money from you without you even realizing. I will be creating a full report on that, which will be posted either later this week or next week. A video will also be made for this. We would really like to help you stay away from scam/unfair brokers because this can lead to substantial losses and end your trading career. Stay tuned for more information.

If you have any proportions for us or would like to leave some feedback or info on what you would like to see from us, do not hesitate to contact us either on our Facebook page or our official email: contact@dmtrading.bg

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