Jarvis Trading Platform

Hello guys,

Today I want to introduce you to a both old and new project for our company. It is about designing a trading platform, but first I want to start with the prehistory.

An idea is born:

The idea behind our project came in the early 2012, when the founder of DMTrading – Pascal Tallarida and his friend Damien were young and green, but with a lot of ambition and full with determination. Back then Damien, who is a software engineer, was working in a small company and Pascal was still working on DMTrading. The idea about creating the best trading platform, by combining Damien skills in programming and Pascals’ knowledge in forex trading, was born, but a new issue was ahead of our main heroes in the story. They were both too young, did not have enough money to start a project this big and also they were still lacking experience. So they decided that they will keep this idea and maybe one day they will have the opportunity and resources to work on it. After a few years, between which Damien continued working as a programmer – both for companies and as a trading platform programmer in LCG Broker in London later on, and Pascal still building DMTrading in France, they met again and the idea came up, but this time they were more prepared to begin their dream.

Jarvis Trading Platform – a birth of a project:

In 2015 after meeting up again, our heroes remembered the idea they had about the best trading platform in the world, but this time the surroundings were different – Damien had much more experience in programming and Pascal had already brought DMTrading to new heights so he had both the capital needed and the experience in Forex. So the first steps were done. They created a company and started working on the project. Although they had some setbacks, both of them are now here in Sofia and are working hard on this project. After creating the offices here, Pascal hired more people including two more programmers and a few traders joined him in his quest. Now with a team of 6 people, the Jarvis trading platform is becoming something beautiful that every trader will want.

Progress and features:

The Jarvis trading platform is still under construction and currently I can’t give you an exact date when the project will be finished. The main things about the platform we are working on is to make it user-friendly and very simple to use. The main feature which the most effort went is to make the execution of trades very quick and simple, so that it can be easy for all types of traders to execute fast trades, without putting much thoughts on mathematical calculations regarding leverage and margin – those are calculated from the platform automatically. The platform won’t be just from traders to traders, but instead we are trying to implement ideas from all types of people connected to the financial markets – retail traders, brokers, forex specialists, teachers, programmers and so on. Another feature that we are still working on is a friendship status – the idea is that the platform will also work as a social network and you can add friends and communicate via the platform and send plans or analysis to each other in real time. Since we are a team we strive to give ideas which will be interesting for the users of the trading platform and our programmers do their best to implement them in the platform. Once a week we all gather and brainstorm on what can be made to make Jarvis even better. Once a week I will post a short newsletter about the improvements on Jarvis and our progress. Stay in touch to get the latest news about the Jarvis Trading Platform and its’ features.

Teaser – how to open a position on Jarvis:

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